Tax Types

Capital Gains Tax (Individuals Only)

It is a tax on the profit made from the sale or exchange of capital assets like land shares, machinery.

Stamp Duties

It is a tax imposed on legal instruments/documents executed by individuals, this tax is usually placed on the transfer of homes, buildings, copyrights, land, patents and securities.

Personal Income Tax

Tax is imposed on individuals who are either in employment or are running their own small businesses, under a business name or partnership.

Business Premises Levy

It is a tax on property used for the production of income including rental houses, office buildings, factories etc. Business premises amounts to N10,000 for registration and then N5,000 for renewal in subsequent years for urban areas and N2,000 / N1,000 respectively in rural areas.

Hotel Occupancy & Restaurant Consumption Tax

It is a tax imposed on goods and services consumed in hotels, bars, restaurants and event centres within Abia State. This tax is payable by the consumers who purchase these goods and services. The hotels, bars, restaurants and event centres serve as collecting agents for Abia BIR

Witholding Tax

It is the specified amount deducted at source from payment accruing or made to individuals or corporate entities in respect of income receivable for service(s) rendered or from investment and remittance of same to the Relevant Tax Authority in line with the provisions of Personal Income Tax (PITA) and Companies Income Tax Acts (CITA).